Conversion. Atonement. Forgiveness. Election.

Those four words, as seemingly simple themes, could be used to describe the papacy of Pope Francis that started 10 years ago today. Though the world has changed much in the last decade - through wars, global upheavals, natural disasters and a pandemic - Pope Francis has consistently asked for people of good will to be open to personal conversion, to seek atonement for their sins and to forgive those who have sinned against them, and to make the election to build a future filled with hope and opportunity, rather than cynicism and fear.

For the past week, we have posted the personal testimonies of 6 Jesuits, each representing a different region of the global Society of Jesus, as they described what “10 Years of Francis” has meant for them, their ministry, and their faith. Fr. Patrick Mulemi sees the movement of the Holy Spirit in Francis’ election, while Mr. Rob Rizzo is inspired by Francis’ courage to face the controversial. Fr. Ramesh Vanan has watched Francis listen and respond to the people of the Church, while Fr. Jorge Serrano spreads Francis’ call for us to “act as adults.” Fr. Martin Ngo is moved to action by the Holy Father’s calls to action, and Fr. Renzo De Luca sees in Francis the same wise teacher who was his Rector so many years ago.

These stories, and so many like them, are part of the tapestry that is the papacy of Pope Francis. 10 years in, we celebrate the challenges that have been put before us, and we await the abundant graces that will follow.

Photo by: Catholic Church England and Wales/Flickr

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