The Pontifical Gregorian University reconfigured

On 19 May 2024, Pentecost Sunday, a process initiated by a letter from Pope Francis - known as a chirograph because it is written and signed in the Pope’s hand - in December 2019 is coming to an end. The Holy Father asked the Society of Jesus to review the organisation of three academic institutions in Rome entrusted to the Society: the Pontifical Gregorian University (PUG), the Pontifical Biblical Institute (PIB) and the Pontifical Oriental Institute (PIO). The aim was clearly stated: to enable the PIB and the PIO to develop their specific mission even more effectively.

From now on, therefore, the two institutes will be so closely linked to the Pontifical Gregorian University that the three entities together constitute a single legal entity and become members of a single academic unit. In order to guarantee the desired effects of this union, it was necessary for the PUG to change its own statutes and operating structure. These new statutes - prepared during a long process of creation - were submitted to and approved by the Holy See’s Dicastery for Culture and Education.

The unified university structure will carry out the original academic missions of the three pontifical institutions. The originality of each will be preserved, guaranteed and promoted by the new entity. The concrete effects of the structural changes will be felt in the various sectors of the university from the start of the next academic year.

Father General’s support

In a letter to the Major Superiors dated 17 May, Father General was grateful to receive the announcement of the completion of the process of creating a single university through the union of the PIO and the PIB at the Gregorian. He explains, “This unification process has now entered a new phase: implementation. Sustained effort will be required in the coming years to achieve what the Holy Father asks of us: an even better performing implementation of the three papal missions.”

He goes on saying, “Today we live in a very challenging historical context. Here in Rome there is undoubtedly an increasing internationalization of our institutions and houses. Meanwhile, the Church and the Society of Jesus are facing the enormous changes I alluded to in last year’s De Statu Societatis Iesu. In this context it would be irresponsible to remain in a comfortable status quo regarding our Roman works. Adapting our structures (restructuring), promoting our academic quality, addressing contemporary didactic and pedagogical challenges, carefully integrating contemporary theological and ecclesiological developments into our teaching - all these are absolutely necessary to form new generations for the service of the Universal Church everywhere in the world. All these points are on our agenda in Rome and will be there in the years to come.”

After outlining the needs in terms of professors and students for our restructured Roman University, Father Sosa concluded his message in a spirit of thanksgiving and prayer. “On the feast of Pentecost, wecelebrate God’s outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the young Church, so that all its diverse cultures and languages could be understood and appreciated and Christians could go courageously into the world to proclaim the Gospel. On this feast day, I ask the Lord to bless and inspire us in the international and universal missions entrusted to us by the Holy Father and in all the missions to which the Lord sends us in every corner of the world.”

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