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A school in Deonia, in the district of Jhapa in Eastern Nepal, has been making its mark over the years. Opened by the Jesuits in 1999, it welcomes nearly 1000 students, girls and boys, from 1st to 12th grade. A good part of the young people come from low-income families and therefore have access to scholarships. In the terrible earthquake that struck Nepal in 2015, a building was destroyed. Thanks to funds raised by the Nepal Jesuit Social Institute, it was rebuilt and inaugurated in 2018.

Father Arturo Sosa visited St. Xavier’s school - Deonia last February. The welcome was characterized by the cultural tradition of the region, as is often the case in Asian countries. However, what caught the attention of the visitors was the testimony of Ms. Rukmim Sharma, one of the teachers who has been working at St. Xavier’s for 20 years. Here is an excerpt from her testimony.


“On this auspicious moment, I feel very happy to stand in front of you to share a few words of my experience of collaborating with the Jesuits. I joined this school in 2001; at that time, the school had limited infrastructures with 200 students. I was a 21 years old young woman then.

The Jesuit fathers struggled a lot to bring this school to what it is today. I take this opportunity to thank the Nepal Jesuit Society for giving me a chance to serve this school as a teacher. It has been and still is a wonderful experience for me to be a teacher here. Ever since I joined this institution, I have seen great changes in the school campus as well as in myself as a person and as a teacher. I learn something new every day. I appreciate the Jesuits for their holistic approach in education by giving sufficient care to the students as well as to the teachers by means of various workshops, seminars and co-curricular activities.


The Jesuit fathers taught me various ways to help children from a variety of family backgrounds. I really admire the value of Jesuit education, which always focuses on the “cura personalis” – the care of the person. In fact, our Provincial, Fr. Amrit, reminds us of this concept whenever he visits us. My idea of education was merely transferring knowledge from books and experience. However, Jesuit education has taught me that it is much more than that. When a teacher goes beyond teaching, when he or she takes care of a child and attempts to understand the student as he or she is, teaching becomes a joyful experience. Such a teacher will really prepare the students to face life.

Over the last 20 years, the town of Deonia has developed a lot: access to good roads, to education and to basic amenities; all this because of the presence of St. Xavier’s. The local people have understood the Christians: they see them as people who stand for the values of Justice, Peace and Love. Over the years, the students have been taught to love these values. They stand out from the rest of the youth because of these qualities that they bring to the civil world. The alumni of this school have started contributing their services to the society.

So, once again, on behalf of the St. Xavier’s Deonia family, I would like to thank the Jesuits for their presence here and Father General for visiting us. Father Sosa, your visit is adding more meaning to the life of the Xavierian family.”

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