What does the world need? Peace!

1 January 2022: 55th World Day of Peace

What helps towards building a lasting peace? In his 1 January message, Pope Francis identifies three ways to nurture peace: education, employment, and dialogue between generations.

Education helps to break down the barriers of fear of the other person; employment ensures that everyone can participate in, and respond to the needs of others; inter-generational dialogue opens the doors to a future of solidarity.

The World Day of Peace was instituted by Pope Paul VI. It was first celebrated on 1 January 1968. This was the time of the Vietnam War. Since then, wars have continued to rage, but the Catholic Church’s commitment to peace has grown ever more clear and strong. Thus, in a landmark speech (20 September 2016 in Assisi), Pope Francis said loudly and clearly: “Only peace is holy. Only peace is holy. War never is!”.


In its manifold commitments around the world, the Society of Jesus seeks to promote and bring about a world of peace. It does this most evidently in the sphere of education. The schools, colleges and universities of the Jesuit tradition encourage young people to get to know each other, to share, to live as men and women for, and with others. In doing so, they help to create an environment in which peace may germinate and grow.

May 2022 be a year that truly contributes to a peaceful future of for all. This desire applies especially to the poor in countries where war has been raging for a long time. Syria, South Sudan, Ethiopia, the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo come to mind. On this first day of the year... and on this 55th World Day of Peace... this is the prayer and wish of the communications’ team of the General Curia of the Society of Jesus.

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