“Camino Ignaciano”, the film – a pilgrimage and an inner journey

In the context of the Ignatian Year, an offer is being made to all Jesuit institutions that should not be missed! It is the opportunity to screen a high-quality documentary film, The Ignatian Way, in Jesuit communities and institutions and in Ignatian groups.

The Hungarian director Férenc Tolvaly followed four young pilgrims along the 700 km trail between Loyola and Manresa, in northern Spain. They were accompanied by Fr. José Lluís Iriberri, director of the Camino Ignaciano Pilgrimage Office. The film offers breathtaking images, compelling music, and relevant testimonies!

The four pilgrims were walking in the footsteps of Saint Ignatius Loyola, passing through the very places that the founder of the Jesuits visited exactly 500 years ago. This initial journey played a major role in bringing in transforming the onetime soldier and courtier in search of glory and making him a spiritual master.

Consisting of both an outward and an inward journey. the Ignatian Way invites pilgrims to reflect on the true adventure of life as they search for a path that will allow them to rediscover themselves. This 90-minute documentary, filmed in places rich in history, gives a personal, sensitive account of how a pilgrimage can become a life-changing journey. Indeed, the film has a message for self-seekers as well as for God-seekers. It speaks to committed Christians as well as to those who want to deepen their spiritual experience, regardless of age, gender or even religion.

Thanks to a special agreement that the producers made with the Jesuit Province of Hungary (which participated in the production) and the General Curia, the Provinces and institutions linked to the Society can use the film, but only within their institutions (it is not to be offered on virtual platforms). To do so, the person responsible must apply for a digital transfer and accept the conditions of use.

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