“To see all things new in Christ”


The Ignatian Year 2021-2022 already has an official logo to be used in all activities and information about this event. It was designed by the Spanish architect Emilio Ortiz Zaforas. It presents in Latin the name of the Founder of the Society of Jesus, “Ignatius”, which Iñigo de Loyola adopted years after his conversion in 1521. The cross is visible in the center of the word, and it also points to the classic emblem of the Society, “IHS”. The S at the end of the name doubles as the figure 5 at the beginning of the number 500 in a logo that, in a contemporary graphic, connects Ignatius’ old signature with our days by means of a new design. Thus, it wants to combine the epoch of Ignatius’ conversion with the motto chosen for this celebration: “To see all things new in Christ”.

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